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Workmans Compensation
Workmans Compensation is please to be able to assist you with fulfilling your workman's compensation needs. Our providers specialize in placing clients into group Co-Employment workers compensation saving plans, which in most cases is a more attractive solution for both the employer and employee alike! is proud to referr Staff Brokers, Inc. to fullfill your PEO needs.
Who and what is Staff Brokers, Inc.?
About Staff Brokers
Staff Brokers was founded in order to find the best PEO for our clients. Staff Brokers has experience in evaluating Professional Employer Organizations "PEO's" and determining which PEO's are capable of working with our clients. We at Staff Brokers have contracted with multiple PEO's who each have their own niche providing the client with multiple options when finding a PEO relationship.
Staff Brokers' Goals
The goal of Staff Brokers is to find clients and educate them about the PEO industry. Staff Brokers will contract clients with the PEO directly. Staff Brokers will be the client's one point of contact while the client learns the enrollment process and PEO product. Staff Brokers will provide you with multiple PEO companies giving the client a variety of options.

Staff Broker's unique concept of marketing multiple PEO's will change the level of quality in representing PEO's and give our clients someone who is truly in their corner.

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