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Q: What is a PEO or Professional Employer Organization?
A: Formerly known as employee leasing, a PEO is one of today's best management strategies for small- and medium-sized business to satisfy their employee administration needs. Staff Brokers program is available to you no matter what your business size - whether you are running a small business with just five employees, a division of a major corporation or anything in between. Here's how it works. The PEO transfers your employees to there payroll and, as a result, The PEO becomes the employer of record for payroll purposes. However, you maintain the supervision and control of your workers, including wage and scheduling decisions.
Q: What are the benefits of a PEO to a business owner?
A: PEOs will give you freedom from the responsibility for employee administration. Specifically, we will:
- Prepare payroll and pay employees
- Pay all payroll and statutory taxes
- Provide assistance with regulatory compliance
- Comply with all governmental agency reports
- Pay state and federal unemployment insurance; complete, respond and monitor all unemployment claims
- Provide workers' compensation and disability insurance, deposits, audits and claims management. We also control and monitor workers' compensation hearings and reviews
- Provide a workplace safety program
- Provide a complete insurance and fringe benefits package
- Provide HR consulting services
- PEOs professional human resources staff will give you as little or as much support as you need
- Administer health insurance
- Prepare customized employee handbooks
Q: If the people who work for me are on your payroll, won't I lose control over my staff?
A: Absolutely not. You will manage your business as you did before. You will continue to set the job responsibilities, measure goals and monitor employees’ performance just as you do now.
Q: How do I know that the PEOs Benefits Package is a good value?
A: Staff Brokers recommend only the best PEOs who uses top rated, national providers. Most PEOs earn no commissions on health packages, therefore they have no vested interest in buying a high-priced product. It is in the PEOs collective interest to get the best product at the best price, so that the total package price remains as low as possible.
Q: How do PEOs impact workers' compensation?
A: As a bulk purchaser, PEOs can provide substantial savings up front and control your costs over the long term through effective claims management. Cash flow is improved as the deposit premium for workers' compensation insurance is no longer required. This coverage is automatically calculated each pay period on the amount of gross payroll.
Q: What do I have to do?
A: All you have to do is to pay the PEO each pay period to cover the payroll, taxes, benefits and our fee. This greatly simplifies your accounting.
Q: How will my staff be paid?
A: In the same way you pay them now: weekly, BI-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. PEOs will federal express deliver the payroll and invoice, and you distribute the paychecks to your employees. You simply pay the total amount on the invoice.
Q: How will my employees feel about being on the payroll of a PEO?
A: They will love it. While they continue to perform the same jobs, report to the same people and receive the same compensation structure, they now will be getting a fringe benefit package that is more commonly found in Fortune 500 companies. The benefits include access to:
- Multiple medical insurance plans
- Dental insurance plans
- National provider networks
- IRC Section 125 savings, including flexible spending accounts
- Group Life/AD&D insurance
- Disability insurance
- Vision plan
- Retirement plans (Pension and/or 401(k))
- Credit union eligibility

Employee discount plans These benefits are valuable to you as well, because in today's competitive market, employees and prospective employees view company benefits to be as important as their salary. The Staff Brokers program allows you to recruit and retain the highest-quality personnel.
Q: How will the PEO Program be explained to my staff?
A: A member of the PEOs Orientation Team will come on site to explain how your company has joined forces with a larger group to provide better benefits at reduced costs and introduce the new benefit options to your employees in a face-to-face meeting.
Q: What is the cost to my company?
A: Using Staff Brokers services can actually reduce your total cost. By harnessing The Rule of Large Numbers, PEOs are able to purchase fringe benefits at lower rates, which often offsets service charge. The same applies to workers' compensation insurance coverage, where PEO’s can usually reduce your costs some time dramatically. When you take into account the time you'll be saving in personnel administration, payroll preparation and tax filings, Staff Brokers will actually save you money.
Q: Is the fee payable to PEOs tax deducible?
A: Yes.
Q: How can I be assured that I am dealing with a reputable PEO?
A: Staff Brokers have been very selective in choosing the PEO's we have teamed up with as assisting and protecting our clients is of paramount importance to us. At Staff Brokers we demand from our team partners the same excellence for our clients, as we want for ourselves. Finally, we would be delighted to have you talk to current clients to get their opinion on our services.
Q: Is a PEO beneficial only to certain kinds of companies?
A: No. This is why Staff Brokers works with multiple PEO partners so we can place all kinds of businesses, from professional offices and child care centers to printers and manufacturing companies. No matter what type of business, Staff Brokers and are PEO partners helps every client run their business in a leaner, more efficient manner by getting them out of the employer business.
Q: How can I schedule my free Cost/Benefit Analysis from Staff Brokers?
A: Call our sales hotline at (877) 416-0668 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (877) 416-0668 end_of_the_skype_highlighting and your local Staff Brokers sales representative will contact you. You can also request information via this web site.
Q: What are the most obvious benefits a client receives from Staff Brokers?
A: The most obvious benefits a client receives are:
- More time to concentrate on core business due to time and cost savings on employee administration.
- Significant cost savings on workers' compensation, state unemployment tax.
- Time savings on administration of compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.
Q: What is the minimum number of employees required to qualify for a Staff Brokers programs?
A: There is no minimum employee number, but it usually isn't financially advantageous for less than 5 employees.
Q: What information would Staff Brokers like a prospect to have available for an appointment?
A: We would like you to bring:
- A copy of your workers' compensation Declaration page
- A recent UTC6 (state unemployment report)
- A copy of your latest health insurance billing 3 years of loss runs, if possible
Q: What information does a Staff Brokers account representative bring to an appointment?
A: A Staff Brokers account representative brings:
- Samples of payroll reports
- Health, dental and vision insurance program plans
- Credit union information
- 401K plans
- References
Q: How much time does an initial appointment take?
A: An initial appointment takes about 15 to 20 minutes of your time.
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